About our company

Working as a carpenter for over 30 years and playing cricket as often as I could, I was often asked to repair broken bats for club members.

Bat making seemed like a natural progression.

The first step was the press, this is where the Mangled Bat Company was born. Rather than buy and import a press from India, we thought it would be more interesting/challenging to build our own. A cast iron Victorian mangle seemed the perfect foundation from which to build our press. After a lot of head scratching, tea drinking and cursing we had our very own hand cranked press.

Now to get making some bats!

The Press

The Sled

The sled slides on a greased track.

The roller

The steel roller rotates in industrial pillow bearings and has a slightly concave shape>

Rack and pinion

A simple rack and pinion system drives the sled back and forth using the original mangle handle.

The pressure adjuster

The handle on top winds up and down to apply more or less pressure to the face of the bat.